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Mattress Savers Flint mattress store mattress sale.

Mattress Savers, Flint Mattress Store, Mattress Sale, Rated Best Store To Buy A Mattress Set

Chances are if you are thinking of replacing your mattress, you already need to. If you have not bought a mattress in the last five to eight years, you should consider replacing yours. There are many new mattress types with different levels of support and comfort. Most of today’s mattress sets were not available ten years ago.


Mattress Savers Flint mattress store has brand name new mattress sets of every kind on display. From ultra premium Latex mattress sets, Gel-Foam and Memory Foam mattress sets, Hybrid mattresses half-foam and half coil springs, to standard old style mattress sets. We have Pillow Top mattress sets to extra firm mattress sets and everything in between, and they are available in all sizes. Brand name mattress new sets made in the USA.


Need to replace your waterbed mattress with an up to date mattress? Mattress Savers can have one made for you that will fit right into your existing water bed frame. Need to replace a mattress for an antique bed? Mattress Savers has what you need. Can’t get a box spring to go up stairs? We got just the answer. We specialize in mattresses of all types.

At Mattress Savers, you never have to wait for a mattress sale. We work harder to give you the best price on every mattress set we sell. We beat other stores sale prices. Buy with confidence Mattress Savers has a low price guarantee.


The best way to learn and experience what the new mattresses feel like is to visit Mattress Savers, mattress store at 3124 S Dort Hwy in Flint MI 48507. Take your time, try out different mattress types, and talk to our experienced no pressure staff. We can help you cut through the confusion and find the mattress that is just right for you and at the right price too. You will be amazed at our quality and love our prices.


Come see us today. We have daily specials. Mattress Savers, Flint mattress store, 3124 S Dort Hwy, Flint 48507.  Call 810-744-9929.



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