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Mattress Savers Money Saving Classified Ads

When it comes to getting a great deal, a great price is only half of it. You must get great quality to get a comfortable supportive good nights sleep. At Mattress Savers our quality is sceond to none and our prices are even better. Compare furniture stores quality and price, we will beat those deals anytime. Savings is part of our name, Mattress Savers. We save you money and you get the best quality too. Take a look at some of our classified savings.

Mattress Savers Flint Mattress Store Mattress Sale

Door Buster Specials.

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Deluxe Pillow Top Queen set from


Queen Memory Foam Sets


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Queen Pillow Top Memory Foam Mattress Set

Beautiful queen Pillow Top mattress set made with memory foam. Memory foam contours to your body shape, relieves pressure on your hips and shoulders. Eliminates bounce. No flip design. Set includes: mattress and foundation.

Their Price $999

Ours $399

Deluxe Queen Extra Firm Mattress Set

If you love a good firm mattress, this is the on for you. This extra firm mattress has back support for lower back, plus a firm edge so you can sleep to the edge.  No flip, no partner role together plus no bounce design for undisturbed sleep. Set includes: mattress and foundation.

Queen  Pillow Top Ultra Luxury Mattress Set

When you want a great nights sleep, this extra thick Pillow Top queen mattress set is the answer. It features back support for the lower back, memory foam and latex foam for extra comfort and pressure free sleep, premium cover breathable fabric, not to warm not to cold sleeping. It has a extra tall profile 24 inch profile. Set includes mattress and matching foundation.

Their Price $1599

Ours $699

Their Price $899

Ours $399

Queen Luxury Firm Heavy Duty Hotel Mattress Set

Great for plus size sleepers. This extra heavy duty mattress was designed for hotel use. It features extra back support, steel edge supports so you can sleep to the edge no roll off, and you can flip it. Set includes mattress and foundation.

Their Price $999

Ours $499

Queen Memory Foam Mattress Set

As sceen on tv. This queen memory foam mattress contours to your body shape and weight.  It absorbs motion for undisturbed sleep. Most Furniture store sell there memory foam queen mattress sets for $999 and up. We have a limited number of these mattress sets, so dont miss this special price. Mattress set includes mattress and foundation.

Their Price $1199

Ours $499

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